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Schools Tours by Mind Map: Schools Tours

1. Practical Considerations

1.1. Plan the set in a way that keeps the audience interested.

1.2. Ensure to keep the set clean enough for the audience.

1.3. Ensure 100% comfortable playing the songs we've planned to do.

2. Technical Considerations

2.1. Provide personal instruments

2.2. Assure that drums and amplifiers are being provided

2.3. Provide a tech spec for the sound engineers

2.4. Provide a lighting spec for the lighting engineer

3. Planning Considerations

3.1. Organise transport to and from the events.

3.2. Prepare a set suitable for the audience.

3.3. Assure a schedule for rehearsals is put in place

3.4. Acknowledge load in, soundcheck, performance and load out times.

4. Skills Required

4.1. To be confident playing in front of an audience.

4.2. To piece together a set of covers for a 14-16yr audience.

4.3. Be punctual.

4.4. Able to rearrange an already written track to compliment the band's sound.