Plate Tectonics

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Plate Tectonics by Mind Map: Plate Tectonics

1. Causes (Physical Geog.)

1.1. Internal structure

1.1.1. core mantle lithosphere

1.2. Plate movement (driven by the movement of internal structure)

1.2.1. mechanisms (work together) convection currents slab-pull force OCC OOC ridge push OOD OCC

1.2.2. theories sea floor spreading continental drift evidence (Alfred Wigner)

1.2.3. types of plate movement divergent moving apart from each other convergent moving toward each other transform plates slide past each other

2. measures/ response (HO1)

2.1. Response

2.1.1. Preparedness Land use regulation Emergency drills Infrastructure Earthquake monitoring and warning systems Tsunami monitoring and warning systems

2.1.2. Short-term response Search and rescue Emergency, food and medical supplies

2.1.3. Long-term response Rebuilding of infrastructure Provision of healthcare

2.2. 3Ps

2.2.1. Prepare

2.2.2. Protect

2.2.3. Predict

2.3. 2Rs

2.3.1. Recovery

2.3.2. Rescue

3. impacts/effects

3.1. positive or negative

3.2. factors affecting severity of impacts (Handout 1)

3.2.1. Human

3.2.2. Physical

3.3. scale

3.4. PPECS

3.4.1. $$

3.4.2. social - PTSD

3.5. long-term or short-term

3.5.1. secondary tsunami landslides collapse social - deaths money incurred others

3.5.2. primary seismic waves Faulting / Deformation of the ground