Microbial species.

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Microbial species. by Mind Map: Microbial species.

1. AMOUNT OF SPECIES: The biodiversity in Earth has only come to a 1000th, of 1% of all species in the world.

2. HOW WHERE THEY DISCOVERED? Scientists researched microbial species by culturing them in Petri dishes, and later, investigating them to find their characterizing cellular properties.

3. THE AMOUNT OF MICROBIALS ON EARTH: There exists an estimated number of microbial cells on Planet Earth, approximately a nonillion, or 1030. A number of species that goes beyond the number of stars in our whole Universe!

4. DISCOVERIES: Unrelated microbial species can perform similar functions and are unlikely to be distinguished by their appearance.

5. HISTORY:In the 1990's, a group of microbiologists abandoned cultivation techniques in order of identifying organisms by Nucleic Acids.

6. INTERACTIONS: The survival of our species depended n our connection and dependance with the living beings, and microbes which we intend to control.