This is me

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This is me by Mind Map: This is me

1. family

1.1. mom

1.2. dad

1.3. sister

1.4. brother

1.5. boyfriend

2. me

2.1. school

2.1.1. elemantary school did well as a student got left out by friends afraid to be left out being shy

2.1.2. high school got my HAVO diploma in 2019 went to a psychologist for medical reasons kind of helped fear to fail took classes for my fear to fail First three years VWO build up a group of friends driven apart no clue what study i wanted to do next

2.1.3. HBO Hanzehogeschool International communication taster day

2.2. interests

2.2.1. psychology how people think influencing people

2.2.2. nutrition what is healthy and what is not how different diets affect our body

2.2.3. sports building muscle shaping and building your body thrue training

2.2.4. culture seeing and understanding different cultures with their norms and values

2.3. sports

2.3.1. volleybal played 10 years

2.3.2. horse riding

2.3.3. swimming

2.3.4. fitness started a few months ago i enjoy weight-lifting

2.4. hobbies

2.4.1. baking

2.4.2. eating

2.4.3. watching netflix korean dramas favourite movie: Titanic horror movies

2.4.4. going to the gym

2.4.5. helping my boyfriend on his farm

2.4.6. playing pokemon

2.5. personal information

2.5.1. 17 years old

2.5.2. Born in Emmen

2.5.3. Currently live in Oosterhesselen

2.5.4. The farm life peaceful busy

2.6. work

2.6.1. Restaurant/Cafe Eetcafe Lindeboom one big family of colleagues Sometimes tiring I have been working there for 1.5 years

3. skills/quilities

3.1. picking up on things easily

3.2. good planner/organiser

3.3. creating a positive atmosphere

3.4. disciplined

3.5. always wanting to help people in need

3.6. caring

3.7. social

3.8. creative

3.9. curious

4. future

4.1. child

4.1.1. becoming a designer

4.1.2. becoming a youtuber

4.1.3. being a pokemon trainer

4.1.4. thought i already knew everything about being a adult

4.2. nowadays

4.2.1. a bit lost negativity in the world have i chosen the right study where do i go in the future what job do i get

4.2.2. speaking what i think opinions need to be heard

4.2.3. proud to be a farmers daughter

5. global citizen

5.1. 13 climate action

5.1.1. a bit afraid for our future the world is not doing well worried

5.1.2. donating to WWF

5.1.3. trying to be as eco friendly as possible

5.2. 4 quality education

5.2.1. children are our future

5.2.2. proper education means proper knowledge

5.2.3. the right to learn

5.3. 14 life below water

5.3.1. coral reefs are not doing well

5.3.2. too much fishing

5.4. in the professional field of international communication

5.4.1. helping companies that i think make a difference to the world

5.4.2. giving my share to the world

6. negative quilities/skills

6.1. always doubting myself

6.2. not very confident

6.3. being too critical

6.4. not stress-proof

6.5. trying to avoid difficult situations

6.6. avoiding risks

6.7. wanting to please others