Learning Advisors

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Learning Advisors by Mind Map: Learning Advisors

1. Help you use Learning Centre Resources

1.1. This includes using the PCs, scanners, and all paper resources (newspapers, journals, magazines etc.)

2. Offer Individual appointments

2.1. If you want us to help you with something that will take longer than just a few minutes.

3. Create 'How to' guides

3.1. Study skills

3.2. Using college e-resources

3.3. Using Publisher, PowerPoint and Excel

3.4. Plagiarism and referencing

3.5. Applying for jobs

3.6. And many more...

4. Lead Learning Centre Inductions

4.1. At the start of the year so that you know about all of the facilities on offer

5. Give advice on study skills

5.1. If you need any help searching for information, understanding assignments, referencing or putting your work together, you can ask a Learning Advisor for advice

6. Learning Centre Online

6.1. We keep the Learning Centre Moodle pages up to date to ensure the resources and information we have is relevant to support your studies and course.

6.2. We also can help staff to develop Moodle pages for their courses.

7. Support groups

7.1. We support groups with tutors in the Learning Centre and in the classrooms.