Refugee Resettlement in Atlanta, GA

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Refugee Resettlement in Atlanta, GA by Mind Map: Refugee Resettlement in Atlanta, GA

1. What are the resettlement agencies?

1.1. How does the system work?

1.2. How do all the agencies intersect?

1.3. What classes are offered?

1.3.1. Just language classes?

2. Where are the refugees from?

2.1. Are they able to build a community with many different types of people or with Americans?

2.2. What cultural aspects do they bring to the United States?

3. How do the refugees get a respected career path?

3.1. Is it possible to get one?

4. What areas do the refugees experience culture shock in?

4.1. Do many refugees go to prison?

4.2. Are there issues with mental health?

5. What are employers experience of hiring refugees?

5.1. Where are refugees generally hired?

5.2. Do refugees need extra training for highly respected jobs?

6. What is the process for asylum?

6.1. Are refugees granted asylum?