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Vacation by Mind Map: Vacation

1. Budget and Expenses

1.1. Travel: airlines, renting a vehicle, and the cost of gas.

1.2. Staying in a hotel, purchasing food, and any miscellaneous items.

1.3. Credit cards and cash

2. Places to Consider for Vacation.

2.1. Beaches

2.2. Theme parks

2.3. Historic Attractions

2.4. Cruise

2.4.1. what cruise to take and what places we want to see

3. Activities to Consider

3.1. Beach: boating, water ski, Jet ski, and snorkling

3.2. Theme Parks: tickets to enter, rides, and theater shows

3.3. Historic Attractions: Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore

3.4. Cruise: theater shows and other interactive activities on the boat.