Id Ego Superego

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Id Ego Superego by Mind Map: Id Ego Superego

1. Id

1.1. United States

1.2. Spongebob Squarepants

1.3. 2 1/2 men

1.4. Professional athlete

1.5. Los angeles

1.6. Mac miller

1.7. Charlie sheen

1.8. Personal experience: during the Christmas break, we wanted many things, which shows the greedy, Id part of us.

2. Ego

2.1. Teacher

2.2. Canada

2.3. Switzerland

2.4. Hawaii five-0

2.5. CSI

2.6. Honolulu

2.7. Brad pitt

2.8. Katy perry

2.9. Personal experience: during dance performances or competitions, I want to do well myself, but I also want my entire team/group to do well, which shows a balance of good and evil.

3. Superego

3.1. Ender from Ender's Game

3.2. Superman

3.3. Superwoman

3.4. United states

3.5. India

3.6. Pesident

3.7. National Geographic

3.8. Rebelution

3.9. Horton hears a hoo

3.10. San Fransisco

3.11. Angelina Jolie

3.12. New York City

3.13. Personal experience: one time during lunch I stayed to clean up the whole table, which shows only thinking of others.