How Alcoholic Parents Affect their Children

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How Alcoholic Parents Affect their Children by Mind Map: How Alcoholic Parents Affect their Children

1. Psychological problems

1.1. Self-regulation

1.2. Feelings of shame and guilt

2. Behaviour problems

2.1. Self-control

2.2. Acting out at home or at school

3. Social Problems

3.1. Drinking more alcohol than other younger people

3.2. Substance abuse

3.3. How this affects the children's relationships with others

4. Alcoholism in later life

4.1. What are the children's responses to alcohol later in life?

5. Intergenerational transmission of alcoholism

5.1. Did the children become alcoholics in later life?

6. Prevalence of children exposed to alcoholic parents

6.1. Is this a common problem?

7. Parents fighting and how that affects the children

7.1. Feelings of sadness

7.2. Protecting their parents

8. Parents behaviour

8.1. How the alcoholic parent acts

8.2. How the non-alcoholic parent reacts to the alcoholic parent

8.3. Violence in the relationship

8.4. Lack of parental responsibility

8.5. Alcoholic persons relationship with each individual in the family

9. Approaches to alcoholism

9.1. "Addition as a disease"

9.2. Social mechanisms

10. What defines "Alcoholism"?

10.1. Are there different ways to define an alcoholic?

10.2. Common assumptions of alcoholics