psychoanalytic criticism

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psychoanalytic criticism by Mind Map: psychoanalytic criticism

1. Ego

1.1. Book

1.1.1. 5 people you meet in heaven

2. Superego

2.1. Books

2.1.1. Alex rider

2.2. Heroes

2.2.1. Percy Jackson

3. Id

3.1. Countries

3.1.1. Cuba

3.2. Tv Programs

3.2.1. Squid ward

3.3. Careers

3.3.1. Performers

4. Superego

4.1. Countries

4.1.1. Switzerland

4.2. Tv Programs

4.2.1. Thomas the tank engine

4.3. Careers

4.3.1. Environmentalist

5. Ego

5.1. Countries

5.1.1. America

5.2. Tv Programs

5.2.1. Dora the explorer

5.3. Careers

5.3.1. Teacher

6. Id

6.1. Films

6.1.1. Over the hedge

6.2. Heroes

6.2.1. Commander graff

7. Personal Experiences

7.1. In many occasions i bug my parents. I beg for food, water, and other stuff. It's not that they don't take care of me, I like to get things fast. So, you could say that in these common situations the Id property dominates.

8. Sometimes I do things that only benefit me and i dont think about other people because I only think about my self and this is when the Id part of me controls the most