Descriptive Writing

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Descriptive Writing by Mind Map: Descriptive Writing

1. Discovers a creature

1.1. A creature nobody haas ever seen before

2. Discovers a new land

2.1. Helps out the lands people with their problems

3. He gets trapped

3.1. The people help him to escape

4. Time never runs out

4.1. He has to know a true reasoning to a problem of his

5. Someone helps him get back to safety

5.1. He gets lost and confused

6. Atmosphere throughout is mystery

6.1. Discovering the unknown

6.2. Eager to find an answer

7. Finds his new life

7.1. Finds a new home and helps out the people

8. Reminiscing memorises

8.1. His wife

8.2. His old life

8.3. Family that have passed

9. On a journey to find a reason to a family mystery

9.1. Heard stories of his ancestors