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Net Games by Mind Map: Net Games

1. Volleyball

1.1. Usually played with six people per side

1.1.1. Group 3

1.2. Played to 25

1.3. Only three hits per side

1.4. This sport is one of one of the most played sports in the world

2. Badminton

2.1. Usually played with two people per side but can be played with one per side

2.2. In class, our games were played to 11

2.3. You only get one hit per side

2.4. In the old days, women wore long dresses to play

2.4.1. Group 4

3. Pickleball

3.1. Usually played with one person but can be played with two

3.1.1. Group 1

3.2. You have to serve from the left side of the court

3.3. Is basically a king size version of ping pong

3.4. This game is one played for fun and could be used at a family cookout

4. Tennis

4.1. Can be played in singles and doubles

4.1.1. Group 2

4.2. The score starts at "love" and is played to 40

4.3. The server is allowed one miss, or “fault,” either into the net or outside the opponent’s service court.

4.4. This sport was created in 1873