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Television by Mind Map: Television

1. Entertainment

1.1. The television allowed many variety of shows to be viewed. Movies, sports, drama were all able to be seen.

2. Bad Impacts

2.1. Having the Tv around, people started to become addicted. This problem affected the health of the people and their eyes grew weak and they started to get unfit.

3. Spread of Ideas

3.1. The television made it easy for new ideas to be broadcasted over the world with its many viewers. Majority of the world's advertisements can be seem on the T.V. The television is also useful for propaganda.

4. Applications

4.1. There are Television apps that can be installed on your mobile phones so that you can enjoy T.V where ever you may be. These apps made watching the T.V even more popular and convenient for us.

5. Usefulness

5.1. Now that the world has introduced smart phones to us, Smart Tv's have started being sold. These Smart TV's are able to run like a computer with multitasking features. These TV's made our lives even simpler; taking out the need to having a computer next to you while watching TV.

6. Giving Information

6.1. With the T.V, news was able to travel extremely fast. With even some channels broadcasting news 24/7, the TV is constantly adding on to our intelligence.

7. Business

7.1. With advertisements on the T.V, business were able to proper much faster than before. By advertising, the companies were able to receive more attention, which meant they earned more money.

8. Learning

8.1. With many teaching programs and channels, we are able to learn many new things just by watching the television.

9. Chilling

9.1. The T.V is probably one of the major devices we use in our free time. With its many capabilities and level of fun it provides, it is not a surprise that it became one of the most common devices in our homes.

10. Uniting

10.1. You may be wondering how the television could unite us, but it's true; it can happen. When we watch that same news and have the same reaction, or when we watch the same soccer game and cheer for the same team. The T.V is always uniting our thoughts in the background.