Sister splashing water at you

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Sister splashing water at you by Mind Map: Sister splashing water at you

1. Conclusions(lessons learnt)

1.1. My sister vowed not to be so careless again

1.2. I learnt that I should not complain so much as my mother said that it was childish.

2. Complication/climax(The most interesting part of the story)

2.1. I complained to my mother about my sister.

2.2. I scolded my sister for splashing the water.

2.3. Left the situation alone until I woke up.

3. Why did your sister splash water at you?

3.1. She was taking water from the kitchen and lost her balance while walking to her bed,spilling the water.

3.1.1. Session Rule 1

3.1.2. Session Rule 2

3.2. She was trying to be silly.

4. Resolution

4.1. What happened next? How was the problem solved?

4.1.1. I forgave my sister

4.1.2. My mother reprimanded my sister and she apologized to me.

5. Development

5.1. What went through your mind

5.1.1. What am I going to do with my sister

5.1.2. Who did that

5.2. What did you do next

5.2.1. I shouted,"what are you doing here!"

5.2.2. I continued sleeping and decided to deal with the situation when I woke up.

5.3. What did your sister do next

5.3.1. She apologised profusely

5.3.2. She laughed at me

6. Why were you sleeping in the afternoon?

6.1. I was very exhausted after I came back from camp.

6.2. I had slept at 3am in the morning and I did not get enough sleep.