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OS Commerce File Structure by Mind Map: OS Commerce File Structure
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OS Commerce File Structure

work-in-progress 12/15/08  



php page for what is displayed to the customer calls many the rest of the typical html structure from pages in the includes folder to "design"/ layout the customer facing pages.  

/includes, header.php, left_column.php, right_column.php, footer.php, application_top.php, Checks ssl, database file, set cookie use, IP address, application_bottom.php, same as application_top.php, configure.php, filenames.php, /functions, general.php, will call tables from the database i.e. "PRODUCT_NAME", /classes, order.php, /modules, shipping.php, order_total.php, payment.php, /boxes, Individual .php pages for each information box on the page. Code determines how & what to display on the page, /languages, english.php, contains "variables" that are used in the php and defines what "text" and what language should be displayed to the customer, /english, same filenames as in the main catalog, however these just define what text to display on the page in "english" ( follows the same definition for other language folders and .php file), index.php, definition for english text on the main page, /images, location for english language buttons


file structure same as /includes

these files determine the look and functionality of the admin section. unless you are developing new modules or changing the display or functionality for your store administrators this section will most likely not need to change just a few files to be mindful of see following


configure.php, defines the URL & directory path for the store and admin. As well as the database - make sure this is secured



osCommerce Docs :: PHP Cross Reference For osCommerce 2.2 MS2

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