8 Characteristics of Civilization

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8 Characteristics of Civilization by Mind Map: 8 Characteristics of Civilization

1. cities

1.1. people will need shelter

1.1.1. they might want to have a place to go to when it is raining or just bad weather in general! they might want protection from enemy cities that want to conquer them!

1.2. they will need a place to build there toilets and buildings ect

2. public works!

2.1. toilets

2.1.1. people don't want to go poop in the streets they could spred diseases and many people could die

2.2. sewer systems

2.2.1. the number 2 stuff could like get stuck in stuff in the streets and it will most likely kill people and animals maybe!

2.3. parks and farms

2.3.1. people will want props and places to play right? farms will help with the animal herding and people dying from animals because more people will be focused on farming more that would be more important

3. organized governments

3.1. people who will lead cities

3.2. they will not fall apart

4. writing