Celebrations of Light

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Celebrations of Light by Mind Map: Celebrations of Light

1. Meaningful SS Examples

1.1. how holidays are celebrated in different countries and how people in the US celebrate holidays within the community

1.2. how holidays are celebrated differently and what is the same feature of the holidays

2. Integrative SS Examples

2.1. began the unit on community with the story of Madlenka for the literacy component

2.2. When Ms. Messmer had the students sit in a circle and discussed how the earth rotates, and revolves around the sun and used the flashlight to illustrate the ray of light on the earth

3. Value-Based SS Examples

3.1. centers which encouraged students to thinnk about seasons, what darkness is and how they perceive darkness

3.2. when the students were writing words for winter and the student was explaining about how Christmas was spelled and how he mentioned Jesus and "Christ"mas

4. Challenging SS Examples

4.1. Teacher posed the mystery question about what is the same about all the holidays they had studied

4.2. students working together in centers to describe and build pictures of season

5. Active SS Examples

5.1. teacher started lesson by reviewing what students had studied pertaining to holidays

5.2. how the different cultures in the community celebrated different holidays and what these holidays all had in common and why the winter solstice was so important - celebrating lite or as as one student said, celebrating hope