Lotus projects

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Lotus projects by Mind Map: Lotus projects

1. Longboat Key

1.1. Phase 1: Shipped

1.2. Phase 2: bed base Oct. 14th + some from Phase 1: dining table (wood+ metal from DRT and stone from Royal) and wall/ ceiling panels (1x45 and 1HC): Oct. 7th

2. Holiday Inn: model room

2.1. Dorothy

2.1.1. shipped by air and arrived

3. Lido Beach

3.1. Dorothy

3.1.1. 6 dining table - stone top: shipped on Longboat key container

3.1.2. 65 painted glass table ETD: Oct. 7th

4. Harbor Side

4.1. SKS: on production

4.2. Saigon CPCA: pending 165 painted glass- supplier rejected

5. Key Largo Marriot: PPS: Oct. 3rd and ETD mid to end of Oct.

5.1. SKS: case good

5.1.1. HPL imported from USA- COM

5.1.2. knob: from SKS

5.1.3. Painted glass: SKS- pending on image for the round table top (U shape was done)

5.1.4. Power hub: SKS

5.2. Dorothy: Bed base

5.2.1. Fabric from USA- COM

5.3. Royal Stone

5.3.1. Ship stone top separately

6. Jupiter Beach resort: Model room

6.1. SKS: design of Key Largo . ETD: mid to end Oct.

7. Nantasket

7.1. SKS: ETD Dec. 19, 5x40'

7.1.1. metal legs: powder coated steel to get closer look to SS

8. PBA: Kitchen

8.1. Casta

8.1.1. cabinet, island (HPL is in customer clearance) and vanity (Color of melamine was sent to Michael for approval): samples Oct. 22 for buyer's review

8.1.2. quote the Vanity in melamine and HPL

8.2. Royal stone