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1. Perks

1.1. -free food for google's staffs

1.2. snack and gourmet meals in the canteen

1.3. skiing trips

1.4. game rooms at the office

2. Philosophy behind the perks

2.1. getting staff together

2.2. Interacting and teamwork skill

3. Competition and celebratory fund

3.1. dancing, football

3.2. reward for achievement

3.3. teamwork such as dining out

4. Celebrating special events

4.1. almost staffs agree with that

4.2. make friendly for staffs

5. Making offices interesting places

5.1. make workplaces to be interesting

5.2. make many games such as table tennis, video game, bicycle

6. Intellectually challenging work

6.1. good place on engaging employees

6.2. the biggest appeal of working here

7. Real culture of autonomy and empowerment

7.1. the staffs can decide how to work

7.2. have a lot of freedom to go out and to accomplish in the business's goals.

8. Learning & development programs

8.1. voluntary and informal

8.2. discuss about their latest research with the faculty

8.3. prominent writers talks about their books