Can we still save our planet?

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Can we still save our planet? by Mind Map: Can we still save our planet?

1. problems we are facing

1.1. air polution

1.1.1. cars release carbon dioxyde and particles

1.2. water pollution

1.2.1. our plastic waste end in the oceans/ 7th continent. Fish eat plastic, we eat fish, we eat plastic. A lot of marine wildlife is endangered.

1.3. ground pollution

1.3.1. Pesticides and fertilizers pollute our waters and our food

1.3.2. kills underground life.

1.4. deforestation

1.4.1. forest recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen. Less trees means less oxygen

1.4.2. Reducing fauna's habitat means endangering them and accelerating their extinction

1.5. noise and light polltuion

1.5.1. disturbs wildlife especially nocturnal animals and provokes unsusual migrations

2. who is responsible for this situation

2.1. huma beings

2.1.1. wastes

2.1.2. overconsumption

2.2. industries

2.2.1. agriculture

2.2.2. nuclear

2.2.3. fashion industry