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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Interim/Benchmark

1.1. This tests allows for teachers to adjust their instruction to better help students be on task for the state test.

1.1.1. Examples: Istation, Sweeps, MAPs testing, CFA

2. Summative

2.1. A form of assessment that checks students understanding of a whole unit or topic.

2.1.1. Examples: CFA, district tests, quizzes, tests, benchmarks

3. Performance

3.1. Form of testing that requires students to perform a task

3.1.1. Examples:

4. Diagnostic

4.1. A form of test to pre-assess students knowledge.

4.1.1. Examples: Pre-tests, journal responses

5. Formative

5.1. A way to gather student learning in order to provide feedback and adjust instruction.

5.1.1. Examples: Class discussions, kahoot, peardeck,

6. H.O.T Questions

6.1. Opening Questions:

6.1.1. Have you ever given multiple friends candy?

6.1.2. Have you ever tried to figure out how many days are in 3 weeks?

6.2. Middle Questions:

6.2.1. How many pieces of candy would you need to give each of your 6 friends 6 pieces?

6.2.2. Can you model using your base ten blocks how to represent the amount of days in three weeks?

6.3. Closing Questions:

6.3.1. Can you show me how to multiply 6x6 to find the total pieces of candy?

6.3.2. Can you create a multiplication problem to represent the total amount of days in three weeks?