Mental-Health Therapist

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Mental-Health Therapist by Mind Map: Mental-Health Therapist

1. How much school will it be?

1.1. what is the lowest degree can I get? ACClibrary

1.2. What is the highest I can get to become a therapist? ACClibrary

2. How much money does it make?

2.1. What is the average I can make in Texas? Internet

2.2. What is the average I can make in California? Internet

3. What does it take to be a therapist?

3.1. Do I have to work my way up from a certain position or can I become a mental-health therapist right a way? Internet

3.2. Do I need something else besides a college degree to become a mental health therapist? Internet

4. What kind of life style can I have with this job?

4.1. What are the hours like? ACClibaray

4.2. Is being a therapist a lot of outside work? Internet