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Milchig by Mind Map: Milchig

1. Let's make an OUTLINE

2. Creativity

2.1. Accessible

2.2. Not Medium or Method Specific

2.3. Prior Knowledge

2.3.1. Critical Thought for engagement

2.3.2. Can be academic

2.3.3. Not learned/ Imagination

3. Story for creativity

3.1. A child and frustrations/sadness

3.2. Scientific Method?

3.2.1. Scientist As Artist

3.2.2. Artist as Scientist

3.2.3. Educated people being confused/ learning through the "less experienced"

4. Why Can't I Be?!

4.1. not born that way

4.1.1. assumed physically unable

4.1.2. assumed mentally unable

4.2. Not straight forward-

4.2.1. Too much critical thinking