software engineer

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software engineer by Mind Map: software engineer

1. How much do they make?

1.1. what's the yearly salary that software engineers make?

1.2. Is the amount of money that they make enough to support a family or a person in todays economy

2. How much school is needed?

2.1. what schools offer the best classes/programs to help you earn this degree?

2.2. how many more years of school would you need to earn this degree?

3. how successful is this Job in the world?

3.1. Do we have a lot of people working in the software engineer field?

3.2. what's the chances of people actually getting hired to work with a degree in software engineering?

4. what companies/industries hire software engineers?

4.1. do bigger companies require a higher level of degree to work for them?

4.2. do big companies only hire the best of the best at software engineering?

5. possible sources that could hero answer these questions could be in economic web pages in the internet, school websites like ACC's library, Forbes could also be a great source to show the success of this career.