The Brain

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The Brain by Mind Map: The Brain

1. Batman

2. Titanic

3. Harry Potter

3.1. Wonder Woman

3.1.1. Circle of Life Judge

4. Hawaii5-0

5. The time I was invited to my friends house and also had a lot of homework so I made a small amount of time to go to his house and still left a good amount of time to finish my home work!

6. Sharing song by Jack Johnson

6.1. Police

7. Superman

8. Bones

9. Ego

10. Id

10.1. On the Beach

10.1.1. Castaway

10.1.2. Green Goblin Cat Woman China It Will Rain by Bruno Mars Lost

10.2. The time I kept asking my parents for money because i thought i didn't have enough for myself!

11. Superego

11.1. The time I gave all my lunch away to my friends and ended up having no lunch for myself!

12. The Help