Software Programmer

A presentation for an American Center

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Software Programmer by Mind Map: Software Programmer

1. Evolution of Programming

1.1. Imperative and Functional

1.1.1. Lego bricks

1.1.2. Elementary actions Take a brick, connect two bricks...

1.1.3. Simple logic

1.2. Structured

1.2.1. Lego bricks

1.2.2. Elementary actions are grouped into functions Calculate the number of bricks for a wall

1.3. Procedural

1.3.1. Functions are grouped in modules Wall Building, Basement Building

1.4. Object-Oriented

1.4.1. Big blocks made of bricks A house, a wall, a basement

1.4.2. Functions are parts of objects For a wall: to get build, to get destroyed, to

2. Advantages

2.1. Relative freedom of work hours

2.2. No physical work

2.3. Creative work

2.4. Relatively high salary

2.5. Easier to move

2.5.1. Internationalism of the profession

3. Disadvantages

3.1. Hard thinking the whole day

3.2. Little physical activity

4. Don't mix up with a system administrator

4.1. SA does maintaining

5. Types of programmers

5.1. High-level applications developer

5.2. Web Developer

5.3. Low level applications developer for industry

6. Professions Connected with Programing

6.1. Project Manager

6.2. Software Tester

6.3. Web Master, Web Designer

7. Routine

7.1. Analyze the Demands

7.2. Think of the design, the structure

7.3. Draw Diagrams

7.4. Code

7.5. Test

7.6. Debug