What is Disease Prevention

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What is Disease Prevention by Mind Map: What is Disease Prevention

1. Medical Model

1.1. Assessment

1.1.1. Diagnosis Treatment

1.1.2. Physician lead History Comorbitiy

2. Interdisciplinary Approach

2.1. Social Work

2.1.1. Pychiatry Rehabilitation Pastoral Care

2.1.2. case conference Discharge planning consultation

3. Education

3.1. Risk Avoidance

3.1.1. Risk Reduction Early Identification Complication Reduction

4. Research

4.1. Trends

4.1.1. Risk factors Comorbidity Stress Factors

5. Outcomes

5.1. Compliance

5.1.1. Patient education Patient social family support Patient mental health

6. Social Determinants of Health

6.1. Gender

6.1.1. Age Financial status Ethnicity