Standards-based Grading Mindset

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Standards-based Grading Mindset by Mind Map: Standards-based Grading Mindset

1. This grading system focuses on students meeting proficiency of all standards throughout each content area. The student will take assessments to show their mastery of the knowledge.

2. This differs from Traditional grading- teachers determine a single grade based on the entirety (learning and behavior). It also includes a point system where each assignment is weighted and graded based on what students answered correctly. Teachers also use the mean and percentages to determine final grade.

3. -focuses on accuracy and confidence -Seeks most recent evidence -redefines accountability -re purposes homework and redefines accountability

4. Hybrid Grading-still using numbers and symbols to focus on grade determination rather than grade calculation. Includes timing and frequency to determine a students proficiency.

5. Reassessment- allowing students to get full credit for what they know. It also allows students to show how much progress they have made. This gives them the opportunity to demonstrate a new level of understanding.

6. Social Contract- hold students accountable for their reassessment opportunity. This is contingent upon two things; 1.authentic effort on previous assessment. If blown off, I will not provide feedback in order to help you improve. 2.You will work on targeted instruction that I give you to help you prepare.

7. Self-Reflection- helps students think about their own thinking. They are able to focus on when they are ready to reassess, rather then just taking it to give it another shot. They think about what they might need to work on and what they didn't quite understand.

8. Determining a score by considering the following; 1. Most recent evidence- this is used to show progression towards meeting a standard 2. Most frequent evidence- most accurate when assessing standards with a number of variables.