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Fashion by Mind Map: Fashion

1. Trends tend to change in style but may reappear overtime.

1.1. The sports brand, Jordan's, released their first shoe series called Air Jordan I in 1985 and was originally red and white. The same shoe will relaunch in a different color in October 2019.

1.2. Corduroy skirts and bell bottom jeans were very popular in the 1970's. Closer to the 1980's, people traded their bell bottoms for neon colored leotards and tights. The corduroy phase, however, as of Spring 2019, has been high in demand due to the trend becoming popular again.

2. The desire of wanting and purchasing luxury brands has decreased.

2.1. There are boutiques and wholesale vendors such as Allie Express and will sell fake versions of certain name brands for a cheaper price than what the original brand would sell the item for.

2.2. Name brands such as FashionNova and Fenty sell great quality products and apparel for affordable prices.

3. Many traditions change in fashion.

3.1. In America, women weren't always allowed to wear pants. During the 1920's and 1930's women only wore them for work. It didn't become normal for women to wear pants until the 1960's.

3.2. Women would always wear white wedding dresses with veils to display purity. Women have adapted to wearing more off-white dresses or even colorful dress and it's rare for a bride to use a veil.

4. Fashion is a way of expressing a person individuality and personality. Many people have their own sense of fashion regardless of what is trending.

4.1. Different cities and countries across the world celebrate this fashion event called fashion week. It consist of many different fashion brands and is hosted in a variety of place around the world such as New York, London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.

4.2. Fashion shoes don't always have to present clothing. Some fashion shows display shoes, hair, body art, and jewelry.