Assessments Mind Map

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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Discussions, Quizzes, Tests

2. H.O.T Questions

2.1. Beginning Questions:

2.1.1. What do you think the book is about, by looking at the cover? Can you tell me who is the author?

2.2. Middle Questions:

2.2.1. What has happened so far? Who is the main character of the story?

2.3. End Questions:

2.3.1. What was the setting of this story? Is the way the story ended the same way you predicted it to end?

3. Formative

3.1. process of gathering evidence on students learning.

3.2. Adjustment in structure to allow for all students to achieve success is gained.

4. Summative

4.1. Final Exams

4.1.1. Standardized testing

4.2. End of large chunk of curriculum. Clear and concise data on information learned.

5. Interim/Benchmark

5.1. Testing and questioning in a general sense, to gather student knowledge while teaching curriculum. Benchmarking is a good way to see how the students are progressing and make sure they are understanding fundamentals.

5.2. Kahoot/Padlet Discussions

6. Performance

6.1. Individual or group

6.2. Portfolios

6.3. student logs

6.4. Journals

6.5. This form of assessment allows for students to have more freedom to show/express what they have learned. The way they are grades is