Media and Information in Education

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Media and Information in Education by Mind Map: Media and Information in Education

1. Aquiring Educational Information

1.1. The internet is made easily accsessible to all. therefore information is easily accesible and that covers all aspects including educational information. Be it from the different branches of Science to the different formulas in Mathematics to the different issues in Politics and History.

2. Multimedia Exposure

2.1. Different sites on the internet offer multimedia exposure and interaction, such as videos pictures, and online quizzes that make the learning experience more worthwhile.

3. Communication Convenience

3.1. Social Media is one of the best ways of relaying information or doing communication. Through social media communication is much more easy. And that also applies to the student-teacher communication. Assignments are much easier to disseminate and ties are much more stronger and closer.

4. Media and Information Responsibilities

4.1. As students, it is all the more important to practice decency decorum both online and in reality to avoid such media and information issues such as plagiarism and libel.

5. Academic Convenience

5.1. Students prefer to pass an encoded output rather than a handwritten output. Teachers as well prefer reading encoded outputs than handwritten ones. It saves time in writing but doesn't sacrifice the quality and content

6. Plagiarism

6.1. Plagiarism is defined as presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgement. Because of availability of information, such practice is quite possible. Therefore proper creditting is a requisite at all times.

7. Media and Information sharing

7.1. Through the different portals of media, information, educational information specifically, can easily be shared with other people that other people may find useful.

8. The danger of dependence

8.1. Because of the availability and convenience of information made possible by the different portals of media, students tend to become more dependent on the different media sources to aquire information. Hence plagiarism may commence.