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E-Sports by Mind Map: E-Sports

1. Games

1.1. What makes a good e-sports game?

1.1.1. Competitive High skill ceiling Depth

1.1.2. Fun to watch Good spectator mode Action packed Potential for learning

1.2. Games developed with e-sports in mind

1.2.1. What's in it for the developers/publishers?

1.2.2. Does it benefit the average player? R6 e-sports based balancing

1.2.3. Darwin project (forced e-sports)

1.2.4. Overwatch (successfully forced e-sports)

2. Players

2.1. What makes a good e-sports player?

2.1.1. Fast learner

2.1.2. Quick reactions

2.1.3. Ability to develop strategies

2.1.4. Ability to improve

2.1.5. Dedicated to the game

2.1.6. Ability to work in a team

2.1.7. Concentration

2.2. Risks

2.2.1. Health Mental Stress Addiction Physical Eyesight (monitors) Wrists (mouse) Posture (chairs) Lack of personal care

2.2.2. Career Pressure Performance enhancing drugs Unstable income Depending on occasional winnings Depending on greedy organizations Dependence on the game Working with team members

2.3. Celebrity status

2.3.1. E-sports champions as popular as boynands in South-Korea

2.4. Age

2.4.1. Younger players rising in e-sports Biggest cash prize in e-sports awarded to 16 year old in Fortnite championship

2.5. Dedication to a single game

2.5.1. How long can you play one game?

2.5.2. Lifetime of the game itself What to do if the game dies out? Can a pro player switch games?

3. Tournaments

3.1. E-sports as a spectator sport

3.2. Prizes

3.3. Corruption

3.3.1. Cheating in games

3.3.2. Fixing games

4. Public Image

4.1. E-sports as a business

4.1.1. Larger sports clubs acquiring esports teams

4.2. E-sports as a sport

4.2.1. E-sports is South Korea's national sport

4.2.2. E-sports schools

4.3. Public's view of e-sports

4.3.1. General understanding of esports (lack thereof)

4.4. Esports in the media

4.4.1. Reporters can't believe people get payed for playing videogames.

5. Money in E-sports

5.1. Tournament prizes

5.2. Sponsorships

5.2.1. Advertisements

5.2.2. Publisher funded events R6 Pro league / Invitationals

5.3. Government subsidies

5.3.1. V4 E-sports tournament

6. Teams

6.1. What makes a good e-sports team?

6.2. Funding

6.3. Social life

6.3.1. Team houses

6.3.2. Rivalry and drama