Mental Health with the Business Environment

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Mental Health with the Business Environment by Mind Map: Mental Health with the Business Environment

1. Depression

1.1. Sleeping too much

1.1.1. Feeling constantly sad Long-term illness Suicide

1.2. Feeling not good enough

1.2.1. Lack of eating of over eating No energy to go to work Loosing your job

2. Anxiety

2.1. Feeling anxious

2.1.1. Worrying all the time Insomnia Tired at work

2.2. Panic attacks

2.2.1. Fear of socializing with others High heart rate Trouble concentrating

2.2.2. Fear of working with the public

3. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

3.1. Fear of being contaminated by germs

3.1.1. Fear of harming yourself or others Afraid something bad will happen if they throw something away Organizing things all the time so they are “just so”

4. Bipolar disorder

4.1. Being happy then sad

4.1.1. Blowing up at any moment in time Undergoes periods of being depressed for long amounts of time Mood swings

5. Medical treatment

5.1. Pills

5.2. Talking to a counsellor

6. Teenagers

6.1. Eating disorders

6.1.1. Feeling like they don’t fit in Expressing disgust over their weight Grades start to drop