Phisycal Patterns

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Phisycal Patterns by Mind Map: Phisycal Patterns

1. SPECIALIZED AGRICULTURE: It is commercial farming about one specific product like oranges and coffee.

1.1. Orange Groves: Climate and Market

1.1.1. The climate have to be warm. It can not be in cold freezing climate. That is why it is at the south of florida where the weather usually never turn cold. They now almost always make juice out of the oranges because the association demands juice more than the fruit itself.

1.2. Nurseries: Location and raw materials

1.2.1. Nurseries have plants and trees for decoration. It is usually found near urban areas like markham and toronto. It need to have light textured soils to supply nutrients. Raw materials includes fertilizer, peat moss and mulch.

1.3. Coffee: Location and Labour

1.3.1. Coffee is made in tropical areas like south america. The reason is because the trees needs plenty of sunlight to live. It need lots of labour to hand pick so much beans. Each tree produce 0.7 Kilograms of coffee.

1.4. New node

2. Natural disasters

2.1. Tsunamis

2.1.1. How are they made? Tsunamis are made when a tremor or an earthquake shakes the ocean floor it causes a wave that gets larger and larger until it reaches the land and crashes down and destroy everything.

2.1.2. Where would the usually happen? It would usually happen near a large body of water. Like an ocean or a sea. It will recede, which gives you a warning to go back on shore and get out of there as soon as possible, then it will comeback at wreck kilometres of land.

2.2. Earthquakes

2.2.1. What causes earthquakes? An earthquake is when to plates move and collides causing a huge tremor at the specific part like Haiti. The size of the tremor would be measured with the Richter Scale.

2.3. Volcanoes

2.3.1. What causes an Volcanic eruption? When the magma in the volcano (the hot red liquid) find its way out of the volcano through cracks and fissures.

2.3.2. What is the Pacific Ring of fire? Its a ring filled with active volcanoes. Japan. Indonesia, and the Phillipines are mostly in the volcanic origin.

2.3.3. Where are they found? Usually volcanoes are found along the edges of plates.

3. Landform

3.1. Ancient Shields

3.1.1. How were the shield regions made? Pangaea was made near old shield regions. The regions were made by igneous rock which later formed into metamorphic rock. When Pangaea Broke apart the regions were scattered all over the world.

3.2. Fold Mountains

3.2.1. What are fold mountains? Fold mountain are built with sedimentary rocks. When the plates are put together the layers of sedimentary rock starts to fold. Eventually it would be the same size as a regular mountain but folded. New node

3.3. Plains and Lowlands

3.3.1. when Pangaea splitted, the riveres had sediments and eroded materials, which made sedimentary rock. New land was found around the shields. It was plains with layers of sedimentary rocks.

4. Powerful Storms

4.1. Tropical Storms

4.1.1. Cyclones Cyclones are started in the Indian Ocean And is measured with the Saffir-Simpson Scale.

4.1.2. Typhoons Typhoons are started in the Pacific Ocean and is measured with the Saffir Simpson Scale.

4.1.3. Hurricanes Begins in Oceans in each side of the equator in warm water. Hurricanes are measure with the saffir simpson scale.

4.1.4. Why are they called 'Tropical Storms' It is called a tropical storm because the storm was oringinated in a tropic place and marked by high winds.

4.2. Tornadoes

4.2.1. How are tornadoes formed? When warm humid air and cold air collide they form a tornado. A tornado usually passes along the ground at 60KM per hour or less. This usually happens in our spring. New node

5. Climate

5.1. Polar Climate

5.1.1. Polar Climates have harsh winter climates and cool summers. Weather like this would be mostly found near Siberia.

5.2. Desert Climate

5.2.1. Desert Climates are very dry weather conditions, they are usually found in a desert of some sort.

5.3. Mariteme Climate

5.3.1. Mariteme Climate have warm summers and cool winters. This are usually found in North America. Like where we live right now.

5.4. Temperate Climate

5.4.1. Temperate Climate are very moderate temperature conditions during all the seasons. Places like Australia have temperatures like this.

5.5. Tropical Climate

5.5.1. Tropical Climate are very hot weather conditions year round with a lot of moisture. Weather Like this would be mostly in Hawaii and the Bahamas.

5.6. Continental Climate

5.6.1. Continental Climate are hot summers and chilly winters. Weather like this can also happen in Canada and USA. New node

5.7. Mountain Climate

5.7.1. Mountain climates are weather which are cooler than places at a lower altitudes but with the same latitude. Mostly located near coastlines, Like cities in South America.

5.8. New node

6. Agriculture

6.1. Small Landholders

6.1.1. where do they live? They live iin Mexico, South America, and South Asia.

6.1.2. What do they farm? They grow corn, rice, vegetables and grains. if there is extra food they would sell it to the market for money since they are on the edge of poverty.

6.2. Nomadic Herders

6.2.1. What do they Herd? They herd goats, camels and cattles, they are also their prized prossesions

6.2.2. Where do they live? They like in Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle east. Mostly in desert areas.

6.2.3. How do they survive? They survive by using the animal as meat and the goats produce milk to drink. the hides and hair can be used for tents.

6.3. Shifting Cultivators

6.3.1. what do they farm? They grow yams and cassava and corns and other grains. They use the slash and burn method to farming, that mean they either use a machete to cut of trees and plants for a patch to farm in or using fire to burn it and farm.

6.3.2. Where do they live? they live in South America, Africa, and South Asia.

6.4. Commercial Agriculture

6.4.1. Location and Climate Different kinds of foods need to be grown in a certain type of climate and place

6.4.2. Raw Materials Some raw materials help the farmers to be more successful in farming like buying chemicals that gets rid of bugs and weeds for their plants

6.4.3. Labour and Machinery Machinery can help people work by using machine planted seeds or green houses.

6.4.4. Transportation Transportation is needed in farming because when your off to deliver food to the market you need some sort of transportation to get your food to where ever it needs to be. New node

6.4.5. Marketing Forces The amount and the success or failure of the (enter food here) would affect how much the (enter food here) costs

6.5. Fair trade products

6.5.1. Fair trade means that the grower, the people who picks the (enter food here) all get an equal amount of money paid.

6.6. New node