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1. Gyms such as universal, LA fitness, Planet Fitness, 24hr Fitness etc.

2. Biking

2.1. Local availability:

2.1.1. -usually done around neighborhood or local parks/trails (overlook for example or the county park)

2.1.2. -can find stationary bikes at local gyms... for example universal or planet fitness

2.2. Fees:

2.2.1. If using stationary bikes the fee of a gym membership or purchasing the stationary bike for your home would be a varying expense

2.2.2. Purchasing a regular bike as well for leisure exercise or intensive road biking

2.3. Age Group:

2.3.1. Any ages!

2.3.2. Older age groups should bike at lower level intensity and on stationary bikes in order to prevent injury if the bike crashed

2.3.3. Younger age groups should avoid biking on the streets for safety precautions

2.4. Skill Level:

2.4.1. Essentially the only necessary skill would be knowing how to simply ride a bike and or pedal a stationary one

2.4.2. If biking in public environments it’s important to know the rules of the streets and safety tips

3. Weight Lifting

3.1. Local Availability:

3.1.1. At home gym (if you have the equipment)

3.2. Fees:

3.2.1. Depending on the gym your rates may be based off age, what kind of membership you purchase, etc.

3.2.2. At home: cost of dumbbells are cheap but as you purchase more advanced machines and weight sets the prices can be much more expensive

3.3. Age Group:

3.3.1. Depending on intensity of the lifting age group can vastly range

3.3.2. Suggested age range: 16+ (most likely no older than 65)

3.4. Skill Level:

3.4.1. Some gyms (universal for example) require weight lifting safety training classes to anyone below the age of 16... essentially teaching proper form and use of the equipment to minimize risk of injury

4. Running

4.1. Local Availability

4.1.1. Local tracks such as F&M track, high school tracks

4.1.2. Neighborhood

4.1.3. If a member of any of the local gyms (usually) there is access to a track and or a treadmill

4.1.4. Treadmill at home

4.2. Fees

4.2.1. Cost of running shoes

4.2.2. If using a treadmill at home the cost of them can vary depending on the size and fitness options

4.2.3. Gym membership prices (again all vary)

4.3. Age group

4.3.1. ALL AGES

4.3.2. Like most other lifetime activities it is recommended that as you increase in age you decrease intensity of the exercise to an appropriate level

4.4. Skill level

4.4.1. No skills needed

4.5. Extra fact

4.5.1. One of the most popular forms of cardio


4.6.1. Builds endurance

4.6.2. Increases flexibility

4.6.3. Improves coordination

5. Tennis

5.1. Local Availabilities

5.1.1. Lancaster country club

5.1.2. School sports teams

5.1.3. Buchanan park

5.1.4. F&M

5.1.5. Lots of colleges and schools provide their courts to the public

5.2. Fees

5.2.1. Equipment (price varies depending on brand) Racket Tennis balls

5.2.2. Commonly the courts themselves cost the player nothing depending on if they decide to join a country club etc. Many places to play with no cost

5.3. Age group

5.3.1. All ages Tennis teams will be separated by age if playing competitively

5.4. Skill level

5.4.1. If being played as solely a form of exercise only the basic skills are needed Basic skills: Serving Rules of the game

5.4.2. If playing on a team more sophisticated understanding of the game and techniques are needed


5.5.1. one of the lifetime activities that uniquely combines almost all fitness components (Power, agility, speed, flexibility, reaction time, balance, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, and muscular endurance)

6. Basketball

6.1. Local availabilities

6.1.1. Free options Many local parks Buchanan Stoner park Stauffer park Rec centers

6.1.2. Paid options Gyms with courts will obviously require a fee to be a member of the gym and play

6.2. Fees

6.2.1. Explained in local availability

6.2.2. Equipment Basket ball Basketball shoes

6.3. Age group

6.3.1. All ages Recommended you play with a similar age group as your own If wanting in improve skills quickly you can always play with an older and more experienced group

6.4. Skill Level

6.4.1. All skill levels

6.4.2. If playing on a team it’s recommended you understand all the rules fully.... similar to the rules explained in tennis its important to understand the scoring system as well as the court itself... other rules of course go along with this