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Coaching/Teaching by Mind Map: Coaching/Teaching

1. Profession

1.1. Sports

1.1.1. Football Track

1.2. Relationships

1.2.1. Students Players

1.3. Life Lessons

1.4. Fun

1.4.1. activities games

1.5. Life Changing

1.5.1. experience

1.6. Career Transition

1.7. Business

1.7.1. Test, homework, projects Workouts, films, practice,

2. Salary

2.1. Coaching

2.1.1. $33,780

2.2. Teaching

2.2.1. $60,000

3. Requirements

3.1. Coaching

3.1.1. No degree is required to coach, you'll need a Coaching Certification that certifies you to coach. Most head coaches want experience from playing the game.

3.2. Teaching

3.2.1. a minimum of a bachelors degree in your field of study, experience, and a Teaching Certification as well. Better your degree such as a Masters or a doctorate degree is preferred.

4. Benefits

4.1. Coaching

4.1.1. More self-reliant, establishing and taking actions towards achieving goals, gain more job and life satisfaction, and contribute more effectively to the team and organization.

4.2. Teaching

4.2.1. Share your passion, inspiring others, making a real difference, communicating with other educators, and a fresh start every year!