Physical Patterns

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Physical Patterns by Mind Map: Physical Patterns

1. Agriculture

1.1. The effect of Climate

1.2. The effect of Soil

1.2.1. Soil profile Types of soils

1.3. The effect of natural vegetation

1.3.1. Types of farming Extensive Farming Subsistence agriculture

1.3.2. Specialized Agriculture

1.3.3. Commercial Agriculture

2. Landforms

2.1. Plains and Lowlands

2.1.1. Plains Lowlands

2.2. Landform Patterns

2.2.1. Ancient Shield Region Pangaea

2.3. Fold Mountain Regions

2.3.1. How fold mountain forms That is how fold mountains form

2.4. Active Volcanoes

2.4.1. How volcanoes form Where can volcanoes be found Pacific Ring of Fire

3. Climate

3.1. The effect of latitude

3.1.1. Climates the form by the effect of latitude Polar climate Tropical Climate

3.2. The effect of moving air

3.2.1. Desert Climates

3.3. The effect of Water Bodies

3.3.1. Maritime Climates Continential Climates

3.4. The effect of Mountains

3.4.1. Place in mountain climate New node

3.5. The effect of Ocean Currents

4. Natural Disasters

4.1. New node

4.1.1. Hurricanes Cyclone's Damage Typhoon

4.2. Tornado

4.2.1. Tornado Alley What causes a Tornado? Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF) scale

5. New node

5.1. New node

5.1.1. Drainage Patterns