What does Inquiry in SS look like?

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What does Inquiry in SS look like? by Mind Map: What does Inquiry in SS look like?

1. Social Studies is students engaging in the real world and making human connections.

2. Inquiry is about the way you approach the content that you teach.

3. Relate topics to students interests and passions

4. There are nine elements of Inquiry which is evident in the Inquiry Rubric. These nine elements are:

4.1. Authenticity

4.2. AcademicRigour

4.3. Assessment

4.4. Life skills

4.5. Technology

4.6. Active exploration

4.7. Connecting with experts

4.8. Elaborated communication

4.9. Compassion

5. Students should provide work that has a lasting value and impact on their lives.

6. Inquiry based learning should be based on one large question that draws them in.

7. Inquiry learning relates back to asking powerful questions. Students need to learn how to ask these powerful questions.

8. Integrate technology and encourage students to work together in order for inquiry learning to be effective.

9. Connect the curriculum to the real world through the use of Inquiry learning.

10. Inquiry does not have a clear definition or a clear formula to use.

11. Challenging for students in order to keep them motivated

12. Demonstrate the ways of thinking that we want students to model back.

13. Teaches Students life skills

14. Multiple perspectives, use different resources.

15. Teach thinking through content. For example: Teaching students to become mathematical thinkers through mathematical content.

16. I have a few questions

16.1. What is the teacher's role as facilitator?

16.2. Do they ever need to intervene?

16.3. Do we have time to complete all of the outcomes using inquiry based learning?