Stop being a spectator watching life pass you by

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Stop being a spectator watching life pass you by by Mind Map: Stop being a spectator watching life pass you by

1. Aftermath

1.1. Oh this was so good I was able to X

1.2. I am now able to fully asses what is important to me and what to start on first

1.3. I have a reusable tool to use again and again

2. Brainstorm

2.1. Images

2.2. Tools to use

2.3. Worksheets

2.4. Sub topics

3. Containers

3.1. Sales page

3.1.1. Key pain points Feeling bored, Groundhog Day Watching everyone else having fun and doing things from the sidelines No hobbies, no fun, no self

3.1.2. Who will this help Maybe this is midlife crisis High achiever career focused & missed out on life Older children feeling like a doormat

3.1.3. Customer language

3.2. Cart

3.3. Product content

3.3.1. Overview

3.3.2. Who is it for

3.3.3. Who is it not for

3.3.4. What you will get

3.3.5. Steps

3.3.6. What not to do

3.3.7. Tools

3.3.8. Next steps

3.4. Optin/freebie

3.4.1. 5 steps to goal setting

3.5. Optin page

3.5.1. Advantages of visual, all in one, in your face tool

3.6. Emails

3.6.1. Welcome

3.6.2. Surprise bonus

3.6.3. Resource

3.6.4. Testimonial / pitch

4. Details

5. Intro &photo

6. Steps

6.1. Brainstorm

6.2. Prioritise

6.3. Choose

6.4. First steps

7. Types of goals

8. What goals are good for

9. What goals are bad for

10. Quote