What Inquiry looks like in Social Studies

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What Inquiry looks like in Social Studies by Mind Map: What Inquiry looks like in Social Studies

1. Rigour

1.1. passionately pursuing inquiry

1.2. apprenticeship

2. Sophisticated work of high quality

3. Authenticity

3.1. connecting to the real world

3.2. outcomes are focused and targeted

3.3. students work exceeds basic student teacher relationship

3.4. Students USE knowledge in real world setting, realizing its importance

4. Academic Rigour

4.1. Students work on behaviours that mirror disciplines outside school

4.1.1. New node

4.2. Immersion

4.3. Critical Thinking

4.3.1. weigh evidence

4.3.2. identify bias

4.3.3. determine perspective

4.4. Historical Thinking

4.4.1. see Benchmarks of Historical Thinking

4.5. Throughline Questioning

4.5.1. provocative questions that make connections between: themselves (self) subject matter society in which they live

5. Critical or Dangerous Teaching

5.1. engages students in what and how they learn

5.2. students critique society

5.3. actively involved in change