Inquiry based learning in Social Sudies

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Inquiry based learning in Social Sudies by Mind Map: Inquiry based learning in Social Sudies

1. Inquiry Rubric

1.1. Authenticity

1.2. Assessment

1.3. Life skills

1.4. Appropriate use of technology

1.5. Active exploration

1.6. Connecting with experts

1.7. Elaborated communication

1.8. Compassion

1.9. Academic rigor

2. Social studies content is real world

3. Inquiry has been a part of social studies for a long time

4. Inquiry is a disposition towards a topic, not a teaching strategy

5. Authenticity

6. Academic rigor

7. rigor is watching passion in motion

7.1. Good teaching comes from within and expresses passion. We bring students into topics we find interesting. It is an apprenticeship. You are a good teacher when students work is creative, interesting and sophisticated.

8. Teachers must sell a topic to students. Ask yourself, would I want to do this?

9. Students need to think, behave and act like a professional would. i.e historian

10. They need to find ways to affect the real world

11. Critical thinking

11.1. weigh evidence

11.2. identify bias

11.3. determine perspective

12. Historical thinking

12.1. establish his significance

12.2. use primary source evidence

12.3. identify continuity and change

12.4. analyze cause and consequence

12.5. take historical perspectives

12.6. understand ethical dimensions

13. Throughline Questioning

13.1. proactive and relevant questions that make connections between, themselves, subject matter, and society in which they live