Inquiry in Social Studies

Inquiry in Social Studies

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Inquiry in Social Studies by Mind Map: Inquiry in Social Studies

1. Authenticity

1.1. Engaging in work that is rooted in the real world

1.2. Wrestling with meaning and relevant issues, and controversies

2. Academic Rigor

2.1. Students working in ways or behaviors that mirror the disciplines outside the school

2.2. Passionately pursuing inquiry and inviting your students along as peers in the discourse

3. Assessment

4. Life Skills

4.1. Teaching for experience and understanding in the real world

5. Technology

5.1. Intelligent use of technology

5.2. Technology to support inquiry and learning

5.3. Use technology to connect with experts

6. Active Exploration

6.1. Acting like scientists, filmakers, journalists, researchers

7. Connecting with Experts

7.1. Find out how experts learn and ask questions in the world outside of school

8. Elaborated Communication

9. Compassion