What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like?

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What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like? by Mind Map: What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like?

1. What it is to be human

1.1. New node

2. real world, human connections

3. complicated

3.1. messy

4. how you approach the topic

5. connection with students

5.1. listening

5.1.1. relate questions

6. compassion

7. life skills

8. connecting with experts

9. appropriate use of technology

10. active exploration

11. connect what you love, to what you need to teach

12. work that is worth doing

13. acting as the profession

14. is this something I would want to do?

14.1. Is this something that I find interesting?

15. narrow it down

15.1. where are you going?


17. time worthy

18. choosing the right resources

19. producing value into the community

20. feeling like you have made a difference

20.1. being proud

20.1.1. showing off your work for others to eplore