Sister splashed water on you

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Sister splashed water on you by Mind Map: Sister splashed water on you

1. Why were you sleeping in the afternoon?

1.1. I was very exhausted from school

2. Why did your sister splash water on you?

2.1. She wanted to play a prank on me

3. Complication/climax(Most exciting part)

3.1. I asked my sister who splashed water on me

4. Development

4.1. What went through your mind?

4.1.1. Who splashed water on my face? Why did they do that?

4.2. What did you do next?

4.2.1. I got out of my bed and looked around the house to capture the culprit and found my sister reading a book upside down

4.3. What did your sister do next?

4.3.1. My sister quickly turned the book to the correct position and pretended to read the book

5. Resolution

5.1. What happened next? How was the problem solved?

5.1.1. Since my sister was a terrible liar I found out that she was the culprit

5.1.2. I threatened her that if she did not own up I will tell mum

6. Conclusion

6.1. How did the characters feel/think at the end of the story?

6.1.1. My sister finally owned up and she felt guilty for what she had done