Foundations By: Kevin Ketring

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Foundations By: Kevin Ketring by Mind Map: Foundations By: Kevin Ketring

1. Copyright

1.1. A legal right that is given to a person for, a form of work that is recorded in some way, that they have specific ownership of their property.

1.2. Plagiarism is using the work of someone else for your own purposes, without giving them credit for their work

2. Theoretical Foundations

2.1. Behaviorism

2.2. Cognitive perspectives

2.3. Constructivism

2.4. Project Based Learning

2.5. Inquiry Based Learning

3. Universal Design

3.1. The ability for everyone no matter their status or ability is on a level playing field

3.2. A way of thinking that allows everyone to be able to learn and thrive in the environment.

4. Digital Citizenship

4.1. The importance of teaching our youth all about the internet and how to safely and efficiently use it for their benefit.

4.2. Key to the development of the youth who are our future, and this is why it is so important that everyone learns how to properly utilize these skills.