The Cold War

The Cold War.

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The Cold War by Mind Map: The Cold War

1. Soviet Communism

2. Soviets want for power

3. Soviets spread communism to other countries in Europe

4. Winston Churchill described the Soviets want for power as an "Iron Curtain".

5. Berlin was blocked off from trade by Soviet rules.

6. Americans and the British supplied Berlin through the air.

7. World Warr II

8. Soviets develop atomic and nuclear weapons.

9. Many countries try to develop the atomic bomb.

10. Nuclear weopons increase in the U.S.

11. Soviet nuclear weapons increase.

12. Soviets build more tanks.

13. Korean and Viatnamese wars caused by the spread of communism.

14. The computer messes up so this helps me find my way back.

15. The Sputnik was launched, causing fear and the space race.

16. Cuba states it is allies with the Soviets.

17. The Cuban Missle Crisis occurs.

18. Communist party in Poland is overthrown.

19. Soviet Empire falls

20. The war ends.

21. Belin Wall created.

22. Berlin Wall falls.

23. Elijah DeJonge

24. Ben Weaver