Cloud based programming models

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Cloud based programming models by Mind Map: Cloud based programming models

1. Amazon Cloud

1.1. disadvantages

1.2. advantages

1.3. Amazon Web Services

1.3.1. Amazon EC2 Application Server Database Server

1.3.2. Amazon S3

1.3.3. Amazon VPC

2. Microsoft Azure Cloud

2.1. advantages

2.2. disadvantages

2.3. Platform as a Service

2.3.1. MS Azure

2.3.2. MS Azure AppFabric

2.3.3. MS SQL Azure

3. which model offers the best benefit for Java development

3.1. cost

3.2. functionalites

3.3. Server environment

3.4. configuration effort

4. Definition of Cloud

4.1. IaaS

4.2. PaaS

4.3. SaaS

5. Source: Programming Amazon Web Services ( )!/pages/2 Amazon Web Services (describtion) Amazon Webservices Video Amazon EC2 Installing a Glasfish Java DB

6. deployment of an Java Project in a Cloud based environment

6.1. needed server environment

6.1.1. Database Server

6.1.2. Application Server Tomcat Web Server Technology

6.2. configuration of the Cloud based environment (Java able)

6.2.1. Microsoft Azure Windows Azure Jetty Solution Accelerator. Windows Azure Tomcat Solution Accelerator Deploying Java Applications on a Windows Azure mashine

6.2.2. Amazon EC2 Application Server (Glasfish) Database Server (Java DB or MySQL) Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Amazon RDS AWS SDK for Java