Sister splashed water on you

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Sister splashed water on you by Mind Map: Sister splashed water on  you

1. Why were you sleeping in the afternoon?

1.1. I just had supplementary class and was exhausted.

2. Why did your sister splash water on you?

2.1. Our parents were at work so we were alone and she wanted to play a prank on me.

3. Complication/Climax (Most exciting part)

3.1. After she splashed water on me, she hid behind my bed, which made me feel scared as water splashed on me when there was nobody around.

4. Developement

4.1. What went through your mind?

4.1.1. Who splashed water on my face? Why did the person do that?

4.2. What did you do next?

4.2.1. I got out of my bed and looked around the house. I finally found my sister reading my YG magazine upside down.

4.3. What did your sister do next?

4.3.1. She quickly turned it the correct way but it was too late.

5. Resolution

5.1. What happened next? How was the problem solved?

5.1.1. I figured out that my sister was too young to be reading my YG magazine and since she was reading upside down, she must be the culprit.

5.1.2. I threatened to tell Dad as he will cane her if he knows about this.

6. Conclusion

6.1. How did the characters feel/think at the end of the story?

6.1.1. My sister was afraid of being caned and at the same time felt guilty and apologised for her wrong doings.