Latin and Anglo culture

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Latin and Anglo culture by Mind Map: Latin and Anglo culture

1. Diferences

1.1. Anglo

1.1.1. They dont involve friendship on work

1.1.2. Good puntuality

1.1.3. Loyalty at the leader

1.2. The Lenguage

1.3. Latin

1.3.1. Don´t care about puntuality

1.3.2. Prefer to maker friends on buissness

2. History

2.1. Anglo

2.1.1. They were conquisted by the british so they adapt to their culture, traditions and lenguage.

2.2. Latin

2.2.1. There were conquisted by Spain, adapting to their culture, religion, and lenguage.

3. Similarities

3.1. Have similar buissnes models

4. s