Muddiest point

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Muddiest point by Mind Map: Muddiest point

1. Online Class 1.T gives his SS an audio /podcast to listen to about global warming. 2.T asks SS to write in the Online Discussion Forum the Muddiest point related to this topic in Q. 3. T analyzes the most confusing Q and posts it back to SS by asking who can answer these Q / explain them to their colleagues? ●What's the meaning of Green house effect? ●Will anyone benefit from Global warming? ●Is this a natural or manmade phenomenon?

2. Why It is important for T to recognize the most confusing points related to the explained lesson. It is essential for SS to make them help each others in understanding the lessons and to cover all their weakness points in the new lessons

3. How it is done

3.1. After the class activity (discussion/reading...). we can ask students to write down in a card /piece of paper the most difficult point related to topic that they don't understand.

4. When and why can be used?

5. Example

5.1. When ... In face to face - blended or online learning